No worries

I meant to add, the anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones are always apt to set people off. Mourn your mom. You should. Then move on or just deal with life as you need to. No worries. You’re a caring person. You’re total normal in feeling this way.

You’re human

We think we’re adaptable, but sometimes, we really do need what we’re familiar with and what makes us most comfortable. You’re allowed to be homesick. As for menopause, look, I think that’s all what you make of it. Whatever. If you want to have an off week, have one. People are irritating. Dogs are stupid at times, are so are a lot of people. . Sometimes we just don’t want to deal with it all, but most of the times, we’re polite, and are accomodating. Don’t. Do what makes you feel good, and start all over in a couple of days. Works for me, especially I know everyone is working on my nerves, and those who know you best will just side step your mood for right now, and will completely forget abou it by next week, after you have a chance to readjust. You know, you don’t always have to be everything for everyone. Sometimes it is all about you. Right now, it needs to just be all about Althea. Sometimes we just give too much, and we snap. It sounds like you’re there. In a couple of days, life will look a lot different after you decide to take care of yourself and forget about everyone else’s problems. I promise..

In a mood… is it the weather?

Today I’m “in a mood” – there is no other way to describe it.
People are getting on my nerves, I’m all out of sorts, I’m snapping at the dogs. I feel like having a good old fashioned sulk and I don’t want anyone to tell me this is transitory and I’ll get over it.
I suspect that menopause has finally caught up and I’m definitely not thrilled about that.
I’m also homesick – I’d almost kill for some biltong.
My cousin is sending me a goodie box from Canada so I have that to look forward to.
I suspect that this mood has more to do with tomorrow being the anniversary of my mom’s death than anything else.
Isn’t it strange how some things just don’t ease over time?