My sister in law and I started something new last year and we’re going to just keep it going

She’s a single mom to 2 teens and I have 7+ children….she loves buying for all her nieces/nephews but it gets downright expensive….so she bought them each a book last year. They loved it! They are still talking about their books from Aunt Rachel….so from now on we buy books for each others kids.
I know your feel inferior for only giving honey but I still think its a great gift and the idea of sending some packets of tea (with or without teacups) is a great inexpensive idea…we do tea time at our home a few times a week and our older children love it! (Ages 9, 10, 11)

You never know how kids are going to react

Take my ds, we were recently discussing favorite gifts from “others”. Ds surprised me tremendously. He said his all time favorite gift from his Aunt was kitchen gadgets for his first apartment. She spent very little, because her budget was tight. He said that it was his favorite gift wasn’t so much what she gave, but that she thought of what he might need and took the time to make the gift personal—She spent less than $10, but she included a note stating why she had chosen the few items she had got and how she used similar ones in her own kitchen.