Yeah, I see what you’re saying

and I’m actually still learning the whole house thing. I have not owned my house yet, but I will soon. …I do agree with him to an extent, on why a house is a liability, BUT since you just mentioned your views, I just thought about another book that I read. It’s called “Ordinary People, Extraodinary Wealth” written by Ric Edelman.

…He talks about how is a smart to have a mortgage, as opposed to not having one. He states things such as when you pay your mortgage, the interested is a tax right-off. So, you are actually saving money by doing that.
So, when you, in fact, “keep” that money, you can, and should, invest into something that will grow faster over the years to come.
…So, if you look at
it that way, a house is something that will make you money.

I know that description might be a little brief, but if you read the book, it make sooooo much sense. ….So, if you take the money you save from the interest right-off, and then put it into an invstement that grows faster, …….you are making money from your house, ….which would make it an asset!

…Like I said, I’m not the expert on that subject, but if you haven’t yet, read that book. It’s awesome! There would be times to where it would make me laugh, because his concepts are so simple, but most poeple don’t see it.

Anyway, good talking to ya, and I will to you again soon!

I didn’t send the honey

I bought them each a single book through, carefully chosen for their particular activities/ages. The really dumb part is that I dithered so long that by the time I finally decided to go that route, there wasn’t a prayer of getting it to them in time. And one of the books was on back-order anyway. I haven’t heard yet what the girls thought, but I hope they like the books. That was the best I could come up with. The biggest lesson from this particular fiasco is that kids don’t want grown-up presents, at least not at their ages, so I’d best figure out what to send the kids well in advance and just go make it happen.