Dear Paine:

In response to your post about Kiyosaki, although I am no longer a fan of his since the MLM book, I think he is referring to a comparison between rental property and a single dwelling. For example, there is a great difference between a single family unit and a duplex or triplex, of which we have a great many more of them in Canada than in the U.S. Here in Canada, we are able to deduct the interest on the mortgage for a RENTAL property, even if we live in part of it, but not a single family home. So therein lies the difference for us. All repairs in a duplex are income tax deductible, whereas in the single unit we deduct nothing.
Kiyosaki suggests that we need to make money from another source, ie, duplex or income property, and use the income from that to purchase a single dwelling. I totally agree with that. He has some great ideas, and is a good speaker. Too bad he had to get greedy and write an MLM love festival book. I also cant help noticing that Yager has not made this book a choice as “book of the month”.


No worries

I meant to add, the anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones are always apt to set people off. Mourn your mom. You should. Then move on or just deal with life as you need to. No worries. You’re a caring person. You’re total normal in feeling this way.