Thanks everyone

It has been a thoroughly crappy weekend. I lost Viola yesterday (8 year old sheep) – she must have passed in the night. I didn’t see any signs of struggle or convulsions, so I think she passed peacefully. No signs of pneumonia or anything like that. I think it was her time, regardless of how hard I was fighting to keep her going.

Then the damn migraine from hell which started on Friday morning wouldn’t go away so I didn’t get any sleep on Saturday night. Then the neighbors to the south kept playing music – all I could hear was the damn bass beat ad infinitum. Add that to the chaos of the house which I’m trying to get in order and the anniversary of mom’s death etc etc and I snapped.

I’m home today – needed a day to myself. And it started with a bitch fight between Kweeba and LooLo so I’m patching up bitches and not a happy camper. I’ve been trying to place LooLoo for over a year now – there is nothing wrong with her apart from the grudge she holds against Kweeba. The girls hate each other. They are both fine with other bitches and dogs, and absolutely not at all aggressive to humans. LooLoo loves kids, and humans. Crate trained, walks nicely on a leash, she loves to cuddle and is a sweet girl (except when it comes to Kweeba).

I do have a nibble on Shadow, the other trouble maker. He can’t live with other males so once he gets moved out, it will be one less issue to worry about. He’s also very sweet with humans, loves kids, wonderful with bitches, but continually tries to pick fights with old man Quan and Skundi and I just cannot allow that. Especially not fighting with Old Man Quan.

I did seem to spend a fair amount bawling this weekend, I think it was cathartic. I do feel more composed today.