We usually don’t get to see Murphy coming

That’s why he’s (or she) is called Murphy. But here he comes. Found out on Wednesday that there is a 50/50 change my hubby will be forced to transfer to another office. This new office is 34 miles away. Now I am sure most of you are thinking no big deal. BUT, here’s where Murphy comes in to play…he would have to drive through two major cities. That would make his communte terrible. To work it would take about an hour…coming home on a good day it would be 1 1/2 hours. A bad day it could be over 2 hours. Not to mention gas that would require filling up every 3 days and wear and tear on the truck. Oh and cause we live in a state with out state tax (we have sales tax) and he would be working in a state that DOES have state tax, Oregon taxes will be taken out of his check and we have to file non resident taxes at the end of the year where we will then get to pay the state of Oregon more money. In all I figure it will be about a 25% pay cut.

I looked over our budget and I have NO IDEA where in the world I am going to cut 25%.

For those of you who are praying people, please say a prayer for us. Pray that he isn’t the one who gets transferred. And if he does, he gets a new job soon….yes he already started looking. But the economy is still pretty bad here.